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    BrowBaton Kit

    Our pure stainless steel browbaton is the eternal brow tool! Do away with the wooden sticks that you must continue to restock and replace with a tool that is handcrafted and eco friendly. Easy to clean and disinfect, the BrowBaton is an instant favorite. With its ability to allow for perfect application of wax this tool is an instant favorite!

    BrowBaton Kit 1;

    • 5 BrowBatons
    • 1 BrowBaton Velvet Pouch

    BrowBaton Kit 2;

    • 10 BrowBatons
    • 1 BrowBaton Velvet Pouch

    Note: Our BrowBatons should not be used with Hard Wax

    MADE in P.R.C.

    Manufactured for niccktownsend

    Professional Use Only

    All BrowBaton kits will come with a black velvet case and it is strongly recommended that professionals use this to avoid damage and keep their BrowBatons safe and clean.

    Although reusable, do not double dip to ensure cleanliness.

    - Use your favorite wax removal solution
    - Wet a clean towel with the solution
    - Wipe the BrowBaton with the towel for easy removal of wax residue
    - Spray with 70% alcohol & set aside to dry